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Operations Economics Inc. was established in Vancouver, B.C. in 2014. Projects focus on community, airport, port and First Nation development. The company mission is to support development through focused economic and business planning using innovative technology and methods. Operations Economic’s name emphasizes our practical philosophy. We are focused on operations and results. Our associates come from many professional fields including engineering, economics, planning, environment studies, air services, marketing, and operations.

Rob Beynon, President. Mr. Beynon has 25 years senior consulting experience in Canada, the U.S. and internationally. Work in recent years has focused on infrastructure and organization planning, marketing and development, with a focus on ports and airports. Before forming Operations Economics he was a Vice President at an international consulting firm. He has an AAE designation. Connect with me in LinkedIn

Dr. David Gillen, Associate. Dr. Gillen has a Ph.D. from University of Toronto, and is a Professor in the Operations and Logistics Division of UBC’s Sauder School of Business. He is Director, Centre for Transportation Studies, and YVR Professor of Transportation Policy.

Jon Spalding, Associate. Jon brings over 30 years of senior consulting and executive leadership experience in designing, leading and implementing successful strategic business process change.  He has experience in most segments of the North American transportation industry with a focus on aerospace and maritime projects.

David Ferman, Associate. David has more than 10 years experience in Communications, Marketing and Research, in the non-profit and corporate sectors, as well as in Journalism. His work with CEOs and managing partners has helped them to successfully navigate through rebranding, mergers, and other times of extreme change.