About OEI

Our business is transportation, and we believe in its power to improve people’s lives. Whether by air, sea, road, or rail, transportation delivers opportunities and supports quality of life. In the case of remote communities, transportation acts as a lifeline to food, fuel, and medicine.

These are core beliefs of OEI President Rob Beynon, who founded Operations Economics Inc. in 2014. As the name suggests, the company takes a practical, operations-based perspective to services including planning, developing, and evaluating transportation projects.

In addition to his over 30 years’ experience working and consulting on transportation and aviation projects, Rob leads OEI’s team, its projects, and operations. Since its start up, OEI has served clients on more than 100 projects — including airport feasibility studies in Central America and Oceania, and a major shipyard upgrade project that will support West Africa’s oil and gas sector. The company has also provided long-term operational support to airports. See Case Studies and News for information on OEI’s projects.

OEI provides a unique approach and set of skills that combine specialized economic analysis and operational insight. Couple that with extensive experience in fields as diverse as master planning, strategic planning, environmental studies, social analysis, and other transport services, and you have a proven recipe for developing solutions that deliver long-term benefits.

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What is OEI?

Operations Economics Inc. (OEI) is a management consulting firm specializing in the planning, development, and operations of transportation hubs — especially airports and ports.

Who is OEI?

Rob Beynon is the President and driving force behind OEI. A management consultant trained in the economics of transportation development, he founded the company in 2014. He has advised corporations and governments planning major transportation projects for more than 30 years.

OEI is supported by a highly experienced international team of associates and partners from an array of professional fields: engineering, economics, planning, environmental studies, marine engineering, environmental studies, air services, operations, and marketing. Meet out team

Where is OEI headquartered?

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, OEI serves clients operating all over the world.

Who Does OEI Serve?

Our clients include national, regional, and local governments including First Nations, as well as multinational engineering and logistics firms, tourism destinations, and airport and port authorities.

Our engagements range from single-runway municipal airports in Western Canada to massive drydocks serving multiple nations in Africa. We’ve also assisted a First Nations health authority looking to provide emergency air services to remote communities, and an island in Oceania determining the viability of a new airport and ensuing tourism revenue stream.

What is OEI’s Mission?

OEI’s approach is simple: when done right, transportation connects people and enriches us all. Our highways, rivers, air routes, and ocean corridors deliver virtually all of life’s essentials — as well as opportunities for growth.

Knowing how to best expand and improve these networks in times of depleted resources, climate change, and economic uncertainty requires unique expertise and experience. In this environment of complex overlapping systems — financial, engineering, and regulatory — governments and businesses need a trusted source of information and practical advice. Enter OEI.