Unlocking economic and social value for clients…

Operations Economics Inc. (OEI) serves transportation, logistics, and community development needs with economic analysis, business strategy support and economic development insight.

OEI’s name and team focus on day-to-day operations and finding answers to practical and strategic challenges.

OEI’s specialized solutions take a Global view with a local focus
OEI helps to link its clients with global opportunities and solutions such as preparing confidential business cases to support negotiations with Chinese air carriers or analysis to connect port authorities with global markets.
We connects clients with their customers
OEI offers added depth to analysis of client’s networks by providing insights and explanations of the behavioural, cultural and relationship considerations that extend beyond “just the numbers.” Specific efforts include an in-depth analysis of air passenger scenarios behind decisions to support Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal development in Northwest B.C.
Operations Economics Inc.’s product and service approach


Innovation creates competitive advantage. Simple, ongoing innovation makes organizations quick and successful.


All economic activity is linked to international markets. Regional projects require global insight.


Insight offers answers for complex problems. Deep insight can explain how multiple solutions can be linked.


Today’s opportunities and problems require consideration of economic, social and environmental factors.

Transportation Economics * Business Plans * Marketing * Airports/Ports * Economic Development * Airport Planning