Our Service Offerings

OEI provides an extensive range of management consulting services to our clients.

From early-stage planning through to operational support, our service offerings include:

  • Planning, including strategic and land use planning
  • Economic analysis
  • Management support, including coaching and placing interim managers
  • Marketing, including air service development and land use development
  • Communications product development
  • Policy analysis and recommendations
  • Financial analysis and planning
  • Funding proposal development, such as the creation of analysis to support funding applications to banks and senior levels of government.

For a detailed look at OEI’s projects, see our Case Studies.

OEI supports several sectors. Highlights of work for specific sectors include the following:


OEI has participated in numerous transportation projects with airports, municipalities, senior government, and First Nations. Projects have covered a wide range of subjects, including planning, air services, land development, provision of medical services, infrastructure, helicopters, cargo, medevac response, forest fire fighting, float plane operations, fuel, environmental management, apron operations, and other topics.

First Nations

Projects with Indigenous people have been completed in BC, Ontario, and Oceania. These have covered aviation planning, medevac, economic development, education and health services, resource development, and joint ventures.

Intermodal, Rail, and Marine

OEI has completed projects related to intermodal rail yards, international cargo terminals, ocean-going ferries, bulk marine terminals, port planning, shipyards, gas terminals, passenger ferries, container terminals, and truck yards.


Much air services development and First Nation economic development relates to tourism. OEI has supported transportation-related tourism development in Oceania and Central America, as well as in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. This work has included identifying target markets, assessing services the markets want and require, and outlining plans to develop these markets.     

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