OEI lands engagement for developing Quebec airport Strategic Plan

Nous sommes ravi de démarrer un projet dans la belle province de Québec. Operations Economics Inc (OEI) has won an airport project to develop a Strategic Plan for Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Airport (YJN). The community of 100,000 is a 45-minute drive south of Montreal, on the Richelieu River.

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the owner of YJN, seeks to optimize the airport’s business potential. The City transferred YJN’s management and development to NexDev | Développement Économique Haut Richelieu in 2023 as part of a larger regional strategy. NexDev leads economic development in the region, including assisting in the growth of local manufacturing and industrial companies. NexDev seeks a new strategic plan to guide development of the general aviation airport, home to International de Montgolfières, an international balloon festival, and an important Air Cadet glider program. Over the long term, NexDev is considering integrating the airport into the development of an innovation zone in civil and public security (defense) around the airport area.

“We are excited to support this initiative,” announced OEI President Rob Beynon, who met with YJN and civic officials in-person in April. “OEI’s assignment is to provide a vision and a development framework for the airport from which NexDev can plan aviation development,” he said. The project will require analysis of demand and infrastructure, feasibility development, reviews of airport management and governance, and extensive communication with local stakeholders.

The engineering and urban planning firm Stantec will support OEI with the project via its Montreal and Calgary offices.

Located just 40 kilometres south of Montreal and roughly halfway between Montreal and the Canada–United States border between Quebec and the state of Vermont, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu is a busy river city. The City recently announced extensive plans to upgrade its historic city centre, and on January 1 of this year the Municipal Council adopted a loan bylaw that will allow the city to revitalize its public square.

Apart from being the birthplace of both Gilles and Jacques Villeneuve, Canada’s greatest F1 racers, the city is best known as home to the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu International Hot Air Balloon Festival. The festival is a large summertime attraction, drawing participants and spectators from across North America each August.